Frequently Asked Questions :
1. What can I expect at my first toastmasters meeting?

You will be welcomed at the door, and for the first meeting you would be introduced to one of our regular members. They can talk to you through the meeting and explain each step as the evening progresses.

2. Will I have to speak up at the first meeting?

New members and guests are not asked to speak at the first meeting. You can sit back relax and take in the meeting and decided if it is for you. If you want to talk on a table topics subject feel free to put your hand up and join in if you wish.

3. What are Table Topics?

Each meeting starts off with 10 - 15 mins of what is called Table Topics. A person is nominated to come up with topics for general discussion. He or She will ask a member to speak for 2 minutes on a given subject. Topics are chosen at random and are generally issues of the day, news, sports etc. After the nominated person has spoken others can join in the discussion, usually limited to 1 min per person and two or three people, before moving on to the next topic.

4. How does toastmasters help with Public speaking?

The main way Toastmaster helps new members with public speaking is through the Competent Communicator Program. When you become a member of toastmaster you will be given a membership pack with a manual of 10 projects to complete.

Each project gives you objectives to achieve in order to improve your public speaking skills. It start off in Project 1 with the icebreaker speech, then moves on to organizing your speech, speech purpose, using your voice, body language?. etc etc.

At each step along the way you will be given feedback from members to help you improve and each speech will be evaluated by a fellow member who will advise you on how what you need to work on for your next speech.

5. What can I talk about for the Icebreaker speech?

The aim of the Icebreaker speech is to speak in front of a group for the first time. Most of the time people use the icebreaker to introduce themselves to the club and give a bit of background about themselves, whether that be your hobbies & passtimes, work, school, history, favourite movies/books; whatever you feel most comfortable talking about for approximately 5 - 7 mins.

6. What does it Cost ?

6 euro cover charge per meeting. (Covers room rental etc)
Your 1st meeting is FREE to check it all out.

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New members and guests always welcome.
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